SEMIS is Educational Management System for schools, it has very wonderful and relevant features for schools, district boards, provincal educational office and the national educational administrators.
SEMIS offers educational managers a link to schools for collection, integration, processing, maintenance and dissemination of data and information to support decision-making, policy-analysis and formulation, planning, monitoring and management at all levels of an education system.
SEMIS is a system of people, technology, models, methods, processes, procedures, rules and regulations that function together to provide education leaders, decision-makers and managers at all levels with a comprehensive, integrated set of relevant, reliable, unambiguous and timely data and information to support them in completion of their responsibilities
SEMIS is involves multiple schools with common data requirements and coordinate data collection. Therefore, it considers the needs of all the groups that will rely on the information, including central ministry planners, officials of other national ministries (for example, finance), regional and district education officials, donors, and NGOs. SEMIS is an ongoing scalable system that grows with the needs of the users.